Non-401(k) Retirement Calculators
For Retirement Education and 457, 403(b), Other Plans
Our Wise Investor® and Paycheck Power® calculators will make your program more successful—and make your job easier!

"Why Save for Retirement?" RC1 model
Ideal for increasing participation, starting plans, and showing the impact of regular saving for retirement. The powerful Growth and unique Cost of Delay® calculators motivate people to act now.

"Boost Your Retirement Account!"RC2 model
Ideal for boosting saving levels, particularly when used as hand-outs with pay raises or plan anniversaries. Shows the surprising results of deferring a painless 1% more of one's salary.

"Where to Find More Money for Retirement"
RC3 model
Eye-opening tool for showing people how to turn daily spending into big savings for retirement.


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"I try to get people to save, and this makes it so reasonable."
— J.B., New Jersey

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