TSP and Other Slide Calculators for the Uniformed Services, Civilian Federal Employees
Our Wise Investor® and Paycheck Power® calculators will make your program more successful—and make your job easier!

"Why TSP?" TSPC1 model
Designed specifically to introduce and encourage participation in the Thrift Savings Plan. Shows the value of steady, long-term saving for retirement.

"Where to Find the Money You Need"PPC1 model
Eye-opening tool for showing people how to turn daily spending into big savings for important goals. Also available in a Spanish/English model.

"Credit Card Smarts"PPC2 model
Powerful tool for showing the true cost of paying just the minimum monthly payment and the value of boosting each payment.

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"Why Save for Retirement?" RC1 model
Ideal for increasing participation and showing the impact of regular saving for retirement.

"Boost Your Retirement Account!"RC2 model
Helps boost saving levels. Shows the surprising results of deferring just 1% more of one's salary.


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— E.A., Washington D.C.

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